Evander Brown, who worked as a Marketing Intern for GROW Mortgages, is now moving on with his new job opportunities.

Evander Brown,  was hired to our firm through Pacific Gateway’s Hire-A-Youth Program as a Marketing Intern for GROW Mortgages.  Pacific Gateway helps local LB students obtain either part-time, full-time, and internship employment with community businesses. GROW Mortgages wanted to give local home owners a personalized hand written note with information about how the company can help with their needs. Evander, being a high school student at that time, did a great job with working on this special project. His dedication in the work place was very valuable to our firm and after the term of his employment agreement expired, GROW Mortgages decided to hire him back on.  Evander recently graduated from high school and is now attending Long Beach City College and has resigned from GROW to take on a job at Walmart as a cashier. He has great desire to own a business in the future after he is done with college. “I can’t thank you guys enough for the opportunities you provided for me,” said Evander. “The status and responsibility I had in my early days at GROW Mortgages is something I’ll always remember and it gave me an enormous amount of growth.” We wish Evander the best of luck with his future and hope to see him GROW and flourish.