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As a soon-to-be home owner, there are many options when it comes to financing your home. Between the types of loans available, and negotiating your rates and payment options, finding the ideal home purchase loan takes some work. You need a team of experienced loan officers who have your best interests — and not a commission — in mind.



According to Freddie Mac today’s mortgage interest rates are at the second lowest level since 1971. With the Federal Reserve looking to hike rates in the upcoming year, today may be the right time to lower your payment or cash-out some of your home’s equity and a low rate. With our team of experienced loan officers, we make it easier than ever to understand your options.



If you are behind on your mortgage payments, already defaulted on your loan, or facing foreclosure, then we have solutions for you! By working with GROW, we can help you keep your home by working with your lender, figuring out ways to reduce your mortgage payments, or qualifying for a government sponsored foreclosure assistance program.



Pride of ownership is the number one reason why people yearn to own their home. It means you can paint the walls any color you desire, turn up the volume on your CD player, attach permanent fixtures and decorate your home according to your own taste. Home ownership gives you and your family a sense of stability and security. Whether you are a first-time buyer or looking to sell your home and upgrade, our friendly staff will help simplify the real estate transaction process and provide you with a quick and smooth closing.

About Us

Our Mission:

GROW Mortgages is a welcoming lending firm based out of Long Beach, CA. We are passionate in advancing the well-being of our local community by empowering financial development through local homeownership, which promotes economic growth. Whether you are a first time home buyer, a real estate investor, or a real estate developer, GROW, is dedicated to providing your personalized financial demands.

Our Team

Josué López

Josué is the owner and Broker at GROW Mortgages. He works to increase his consumer’s understanding of mortgage broker/banker services and loan products. Additionally, Josué is a current board Commissioner appointee, by the Los Angeles County Supervisors, on the County’s Assessment Appeals Board.

Emily Makhmudova

Administrative Manager
Emily is a recent graduate from CSULB with a B.A. in Finance. She works as the Administrative Manager at GROW Mortgages. She is dedicated to ensuring the office runs smoothly and client needs are met. In her spare time, she enjoys taking pictures and going to the beach.

Juan De La Cruz

Processing Manager
Juan is an efficient and detail oriented Processing Manager, dealing with the day to day operations of the loan process.  His main goal is to minimize the client’s stress from the start to the end of the loan process. His expertise allows him to expedite the closing of consumer transactions.

Lilia Trevino Gonzalez

Junior Loan Processor
Lilia is a Business Management/Finance major at California State University Long Beach. She works to ensure that our clients have a smooth loan processing experience. In her spare time she enjoys going to the beach, hiking, and other outdoors activities.

Colton Phillips

Colton is responsible for developing management and training programs to help our sales team to acquire customers, negotiate deals, secure financing, and complete paperwork for their transactions. He has a wealth of experience selling real estate and mortgages.

Our Mortgage Loan Officers

James Torres

Mortgage Loan Officer
“Work diligently and let the results speak for themselves,” is James’s motto when helping others. With a bachelors’ in Management from CSULB, and a background in construction and property investment any investor or first-time home buyer can count on James to deliver knowledgeable advice!

Miguel Farias

Mortgage Loan Officer
Miguel is one of our leading sales team representatives with a vast knowledge of products and guidelines. His motto is “Trust is not without Performance”. He works to make the dream of homeownership a reality for his customers.

Scott Ouellette

Mortgage Loan Officer
Scott has extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to the mortgage industry. You can rely on his integrity and ingenuity for a custom tailored smooth transaction. He holds a B.A. in Economics and stays up to date on current lending practices.

Brandon Hovind

Mortgage Loan Officer
Brandon brings over 14 years of experience in originating, structuring, finding solutions, and closing loans to GROW Mortgages. In his free time, he enjoys reading good books and stories. He loves traveling, hiking, and playing baseball with his friends and family.

Oscar Aguayo

Mortgage Loan Officer
Oscar is a Finance major from CSULA who is striving towards a career in the mortgage industry. Oscar is not only actively growing his Real Estate knowledge but eventually would like to invest in the Real Estate market. On his leisure, Oscar enjoys attending sporting events with his family and friends.

Our Interns

Cole Finley

Loan Officer Intern
Cole is a senior at CSULB, studying to earn his B.A. in Finance with a minor in Economics. He has always been interested in real estate and wants to become an expert in the mortgage industry. In his free time, he enjoys playing beach volleyball and spending time with friends and family.

Roman Radecki

Loan Officer Intern
Roman is currently a real estate entrepreneur on his way to becoming a loan originator and a real estate agent. He is business savvy, charismatic and strives to learn new things each day. His main motivation is to create great opportunities for others. He enjoys traveling with friends and family.

Jacob Moore

Marketing Intern
Jacob is a senior at CSULB and is studying for his Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. Jacob has always had a passion for Marketing and is excited to showcase all of the great features GROW Mortgages has to offer. In his free time, Jacob enjoys playing volleyball with friends and spending time with his family.


If you are looking to drive change in your community, work among a spirited group of entrepreneurs, and create endless possibilities for yourself, then GROW Mortgages is the place for you!
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